Sunday, August 26, 2012

wk 1 - Music Festival

So, I'm home. I've been more or less away for two weeks (I snuck on a few times during week one, because I had internet access still.)

Trying not to think about school next week. Yiiiikes.

But back to happier things, such as my week at the music festival. I went with one of my best friends, Tiana; we played flute together in the Senior Band. This is our third year attending, and thanks to private lessons the music was a lot easier to play this year.

It's kinda scary, because they always give the flutes music with about a bajillion notes in a bar and make us sight-read it almost up to speed the very first day. OUCH.

this is Milo, my grandparents' dog. isn't he just the cutest?

But you know, we made it. And we got to do a little flute section with a celtic arrangement. And I got to play an alto flute (which is in the key of G instead of the key of C. Most regular flutes, such as the one I own, are C instruments.) I really enjoy playing alto flute, so I was happy about that too.

And one night my grandparents took us for a beautiful drive through gorgeous countryside to get ice cream in a tiny town just big enough for three houses and a general store.

(okay, so I have no idea how small the town ACTUALLY is. But it's very, very small. And full of Mennonites who clip-clopped past in their buggies while we were eating.)

Unlike the town, the ice cream is HUGE. And yummyness to the max. And they have an old-fashioned and very cool post office that I took pictures of.

According to Tiana, a Mennonite man stared at me bemusedly the entire time I took pictures. I guess I looked kind of silly...

Oh well. The things you do for pictures.

it looks a bit empty because the concert hasn't started yet

Also, I fulfilled a bucket list item: getting pictures of the old and very beautiful Presbyterian church in town. They held concerts there during the week and I had the privilege of attending two.

I didn't get any pictures of the actual festival, obviously, because we were playing flute the whole time. I managed to get pictures of a lot of the other stuff we did that week, though, so I'm mostly happy.

I especially love the one of the cracked railing and the window. -happy sigh- I've been dying to get pictures of the church for agessss...but it feels disrespectful to take the camera into an actual church service. A concert is different, though.

Overall it was a pretty good week - and it got me quite excited to to back to my private flute lessons and do some more practicing with my teacher.

(Just wanted to say a big thank you to Reagan and Aubrey for guest posting while I was away - they both did a spectacular job and I'm so happy with the way things worked out.


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