Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturdays are for soccer

Or at least this one was.

My final game was last Thursday (we played in the rain and it was funderful), but my younger brother had his end-of-season tournament today. As you can see in the pictures above, it was cold, cloudy and rainy - my second most favourite weather (next to snow.) I got to wear jeans and a hoodie, so I was ecstatic all morning.

It's okay, my family thinks I'm nuts too.

They were good games, (intense...great fun to watch) and we got free hotdogs after the first one. WIN. Also, since it rained this morning, there were water drops sitting on some of the needle leaves on the trees. And, because I decided to be smart and bring my camera, I HAVE PICTURES.

I am so ridiculously proud of myself for actually using my camera when I brought it along. (usually I bring it and don't use it. Which is silly of me, I know.)

Isn't that just gorgeous? It was a good shopping, chocolate(!), soccer (of course), iTunes money and new music for my poor neglected iPod, and packing.

Why packing, you ask?

Well, I am heading away from home for a week to participate in a music festival. This is very exciting for me, but it means I won't have access to my blog. -insert scary music here-

But never fear! I have enlisted the help of a few friends of mine...some hilarious and very talented bloggers have agreed to guest post at Epiphanies while I'm gone.

All this for a week of absence, you ask?

No. It's more than a week. Sorry, guys, but I'm going to be offline for a bit more than that. Hence the guest posters. I'm actually super excited to get back and see what kind of havoc - I mean, great and wonderful creativity - they've painted across my little blogspace.

Hope you all are having a fabulous summer so far -- try not to think too hard about school next month. ♥ Be nice to my guest posters, and I shall see you all when I return!

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