Sunday, July 8, 2012

Canada day weekend - part 2

Yes, I know I'm late. What can I say? Life is busy.

Where'd we leave off?
Fireworks. I was talking about the fireworks.
Guys, I got some pretty cool pictures.
At least, I think they're pretty cool. And I even took a wee video for you.
Wasn't that nice of me?

And here's the video. Sorry it's shaky -- everytime a loud firework went off my sister (who was sitting squished against me) would jump, causing the camera to jiggle.
Also, the random lady cheering isn't me. Just so y'all are aware.

Yeah. I love fireworks. But by the time we got back to my grandparents' house, I was ready for bed.
My little brother watched the fireworks from a boat, though (like the ones in the pictures from the previous post) and he didn't get in until almost an hour later.
He was pretty tired for the next few days.
But, thankfully, not too tired to have a great time at the beach the next morning.

In order to take these pictures, I had to wade right out into the lake,
holding my precious camera close and praying that I
wouldn't trip on the rocky bottom and get it wet.
Just in case anyone was concerned, both the camera and I survived.

Beaching. I love it.
Cold Lake Huron.
Swimming in the shallows.
I cut my foot on a rock.
And it bled.
But not much.

And then we had lunch in the sand.
And it was very, very good.

And I started a pink rock collection.
Has anyone else noticed the the pink beach rocks are some of the prettiest?

And then, after the beach, we headed down to cousins' for a BBQ.
And one of my cousins set up a scavanger hunt and carnival.
To be honest, I wasn't that interested at first.
But it was really, really cool.

My brother shares a birthday with Canada, hence the "happy birthday" sign
on the clothesline.
She [my cousin] had spent much of the previous week typing out scavenger hunt clues, painting cardboard signs for the carnival booths, and setting up the games themselves.
There were candy prizes.

The carnival took up half of their backyard, and it was very, very cool.
Oh and I bobbed for apples for the first time ever.
And I got apple stuck in my braces, which was gross.
But it was fun anyways, and I didn't even get my shirt wet!

And then we drove home.
In the dark.
And the moon was just bee-you-ti-ful!
Mom noticed me leaning over the front seat, trying to get a good picture, and then my awesome dad pulled over so I could get a not-blurry shot.

FYI, posts might be scarce for a few weeks, since my summer is super-busy.


  1. Wish I was theree! Looks so awesome.

    1. Maybe I'll bring you and Tiana next year. :) Yes?


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