Saturday, July 14, 2012

and the craziness continues...

I won't bore you with details...but...
You won't be seeing a lot of me for the next weekish.
(actually, that's a lie, since I won't be online at all.)
I'm off to volunteer at a summer camp
(with no internet access)
and the day after I return we have our soccer championships.
(three games in one day.)
Not full games, only an hour long each.

It's crazy.
And I love mostly every minute of it.
There was a video taken that sums up some of the crazyness
of the past week,
but I don't think I have access to it just yet.
Mayhap I shall try to post it when I get back.


Well, I suppose that's all. I shan't be able to take any
pictures, but I'll try to find a poem
somewhere in the chaos.
Think about me lots, all right?

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