Friday, June 1, 2012

the (swiftly) approaching summer

Happy June, guys!

Summer's getting closer...I finished my English course (for good!) two days ago, and sent off my History final just a few hours ago.
Two courses down, four to go. I'm super excited for next year, because not only do I get to drop French and Canadian Geography, but I'm taking not one but two English courses! I can't wait...English is my favourite subject. My friends think I'm crazy for LIKING essays, but that's okay. I've offered to write both of their essays for them if they'll finish my Algebra...we're all pretty pleased by the way this would work out, but our mothers don't agree.

Summer is my least favourite of the four seasons (I'm not a fan of the heat) but after months of cold weather I'm just as happy as anyone when it starts warming up. There's something enchanting about the warm days, the lingering sunlight in the evenings. Dinners outside, days spent at the beach. Camping with family, summer camp, swimming during the afternoon. I'm not going to lie, the summer shopping is pretty sweet, too.

And, of course, the soccer. My team won again last night, so I'm pretty happy. It was nice and cool last night, and the clouds were covering the sun so we didn't have to squint. My family went out for ice cream after the game, and when we got home I was so tired...but it was good.

my younger brother


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