Wednesday, May 30, 2012

a belated birthday present

just a wee note on my last post: As I was so kindly informed by an anonymous person earlier today, hostas DO flower. Oops. I don't think they flower much, though...(either that or I'm very unobservant, because we have a ton of those plants in our backyard.) So anyway, I'm really sorry for the inaccuracy of that last post.
Just pretend I'm right.

Just to avoid any unnecessary confusion, these are NOT hosta flowers.

Look at this. Just look at it.

Okay. So.
Yesterday was soccer practice, so I'm sitting on my front steps waiting for my friend Brooke to pick me up so we can drive to the field.
So the car pulls up and she gets out and opens the back doors and drags THIS out. It took up practically the whole backseat of their little car.
And she brings it up the driveway and hands it to me and I turn it around and see this.

My birthday was almost a month ago.
And I'm not pointing out this fact so I can tell you all how late the gift was...because she'd already given me a present. On my birthday.
And so this came as a complete surprise.

A completely wonderful surprise, because the last time I mentioned wanting a painting to fill my bare bedroom walls was Christmastime.
And she promised to get me one but I completely forgot about it until yesterday.

But seriously. Isn't that just fabulous?


  1. I actually saw a picture of the painting on Facebook. Haha. Anyway, it looks great!

    1. I didn't know it was on fb! :) Thanks, I can't wait to hang it. :)


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