Friday, June 8, 2012


It's not that warm here. Twenty degrees Celsius, at the most. (that's about 68, for all you Fahrenheit folks) But still, the neighborhood kids yank out the swimsuits (and not for the first time, either) to go splashing through icy hosewater.

I took pictures from a somewhat safe distance. I'll go wading in freezing-cold Lake Huron, but I can do without the frigid hosewater, thanks very much.

In other news, we have a nest of wee baby robins right outside our front door. We scare the mum every time we move, but she seems to be working around it. Gosh, those nestlings are cuuute.


sorry they're blurry...the birds wouldn't sit still.

again, blurry. :P

 These next pictures were taken only a day later, and look how much they grew!

photo credit goes to my mum

she took this one too

Anyways, so that's life around here. 


  1. A nest of robins... Do you have any bat-caves?

  2. Uhhh...not as far as I know, no. O.o Why? Should we?


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