Friday, June 22, 2012

it's started

Summer, I mean. And with the changing of seasons comes the preperation for summer activities - planning, training, and shopping.

I spent last weekend at a camp jump-start - it was an exhausting (but fun!) three days of seminars (according to the timetable, we spent around 12 hours that weekend in sessions.) And with the chaos came floods of questions.
Deep, soul-searching questions.

So, to combat these questions, I've been reading. A lot. I'm currently reading four of the five books pictured above, and I rather think my head is going to explode. But that's okay, because I'm learning tons. I highly recommend Strobel's books, especially.

In other news, I've been doing some editing (yuck!). ... okay, not really. I'm letting Mom read my lastest WIP*, which is kind of scary, but doesn't really count as editing. I'm mostly taking notes and procrastinating on the actual work, but I will get there. Eventually.

But before any of those magnificent summer plans can be put into action, I have to finish my schoolwork. Math, Science, French, and Geography are still lurking in the dark corners of my room. The end is nigh...sort of. I shall be quite relieved to be free of them, I have to admit.

Also, I need summer goals. Any ideas?

*Work In Progress, referring to my NaNoWriMo novel

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