Saturday, June 23, 2012

a bragging moment and other Saturday happenings

First things first; I've decided that schoolwork on weekends is made infinitely more enjoyable if one does one's math problems while sitting on a blanket in the sun.

Toby howling along with the distant fire-truck sirens

Yes, I was supposed to be doing Algebra. This picture,
however, is well worth the procrastination.

It's been a beautiful day. Barely a cloud in the sky this morning, and lots of sunshine. Even 18 math problems didn't slow me down for long (and, don't kill me, but it was so beautiful I almost didn't mind doing schoolwork on the weekend.)

Now, my bragging moment. My aunt makes these magnificent pumpkin muffins, and I had a craving for them yesterday.
Long story short, I made them this afternoon.

I think they may be the most perfect-looking things I have ever baked. I'm ridiculously pleased with them, so much so that I'm bragging about them over the internet.
Oh, the depths to which I sink when I have a camera at my beck and call.

But, really. They were just ASKING for pictures.

(I've typed up a huge long post to accompany the previous two about soul-searching questions and knowing/believing/having faith. It should make an appearance on Monday or Tuesday, if I remember to post it.)


  1. School is SO much better outside! And I want one of those muffins... They look great!

  2. I want one of those muffins, they look amazing! And school? One hundred times better when done outside.


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