Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Things and the Meaning of Epiphanies

April is such a pretty word.

It's a young month, April, and it makes me think of early morning sunrises and birds and growing and clean, fresh rain...and


Actually, that's not entirely true. April makes me think of light yellow. Growth and growing makes me think of green.
And since Spring is the season of growth and change, when I start describing our current season green is sure to pop up there somewhere.

The thing is, I don't normally like green. I've never seen a man-made item come even close to replicating the hues found during Spring. The man-made colours end up looking shallow (to my eyes), but aren't too bad unless compared to the real thing. When you hold our green up to spring-green, ours pales significantly.
Doesn't that make sense, though? How could anything we make hope to come even close to what God made?
Why do we even expect that our green could ever hope to come close to Spring-green...God-green?


As for Epiphanies...I didn't even know what they were two weeks ago. The word, as it turns out, has several meanings - I won't go into them, because that would be confusing and completely beside the point. The definition I'm after is "one of those flashes of insight", or "a lightbulb moment." You know, in the comics, when the character gets a lightbulb over their head and suddenly everything makes sense?

I've been having a lot of epiphanies lately. Being the kind of person who immediately forgets brilliant insight if she doesn't write it down, I've developed a habit of dropping everything and rushing upstairs to make a note in my journal. As a result, at least half of my entries are partially unintelligible.

These epiphanies were part of the reason (most of the reason) I decided to start a blog. Considering this fact, it took me an embarrassingly long time to come up with the idea to use that as my title.
Perhaps I'll have an epiphany for you later in the week - it took me far too long to write this post (I lost everything the first time around. Very frustrating.) and I've got to run.
Before I go, humour me by answering one question.

What kinds of epiphanies pop up in your lives?


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