Tuesday, April 3, 2012


...do not agree with me. Or perhaps I don't agree with them.

Either way, we are not close friends. Whether I'm writing the first sentence of an essay, struggling to open the chapter of my latest writing project, or even meeting new people for the first time, the newness of it all scares me. Once I even forgot my own name.

I thrive in the middle of things, after I'm already comfortable with people and places ... unfortunately the only way to reach the middle is to start somewhere.

You can only have post numbers 2, 3, and 4 if at some point you (read: me) work up the courage to write post number 1.

So here is where I begin.

And I'm quite glad [the beginning] is over.


  1. Just letting you know...I'm following your blog.:D

  2. Wow, what a great beginning!

    Pretty much all I know are beginnings, be it life or writing. Never have gotten to the "middle," at least, not until recently.

    But I love writing beginnings. I have like a dozen stories that never got past chapter one. All I had in my head was beginning, and nothing more. Haha! Just goes to show you can't get by with parts. You need the whole.

    1. My problem (with stories, at least) is I never know WHEN to start. How much information does the reader need to know? Should I let this event be in their past, or start the story in the middle of it? ect. I have trouble with endings, too...I never know exactly when to cut it off.

      I could write middles all day. :)


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