Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Life in Pictures

No words or captions at all.

Except for what I'm typing now. But I'm going to be quiet in a minute and let the pictures speak for themselves.

They're supposed to be worth a thousand words, you know. What do these ones say about me?


  1. A picture being a thousand words... By that definition, you just typed 32,045 words. Or is a word worth a thousand pictures? By that definition, you typed 45.032 words. Or can it maybe go both ways? A picture being worth a thousand words, and a word being worth a thousand pictures, depending on what it is you're trying to get across? Or not even what you're trying to get across alone, but also how you're using them to get it across.

    What do the pictures say about you? How could I tell you with pictures? But then, how could you have asked with words?

    I see words. I see stories. I see adventure. I see nature. I see hobbies and interests. I see art and music. I see love. I see faith. And I see cookies that are hopefully being sent to me as I type.

    1. That's very interesting...perhaps you should write your own blog post. ;)

      As for me...I do believe that you've hit the nail on the head. And I'm sorry, but those cookies are long gone. ;) They don't last long in my house.

    2. funny, funny. i love your 'olivia' picture. i don't really know what to call it. the one where the hands are holding. i LOVE that one, and i know who that is. :)
      those pictures, to me, are some of your hobbies and your faith. what you are intrested in that sort of stuff. and i can see you love to write, i know you do. and did you make those cookies?? because they do look good. yum.... i feel like those right now.... hope to see you soon!!
      :) oh look at this....

      * *
      it is cute... i think.


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