Monday, March 19, 2018

things that make me happy // 660-675

660. returning to this space after like six million years (aka three months) of not posting
661. the colour of the light in my living room when it's a sunny morning
662. these wildly decadent and delicious chocolate brownies with NO SUGAR ADDED 
663. thrift shopping on Sunday afternoons with my sister
664. anything that is minty in colour
665. the smell of coffee at absolutely anytime
666. train rides and holding hands on the streets of Toronto
667. art galleries
668. my puppy's leg healing up after months of stiffness
669. spring coming so so soon! March is almost over!
670. making choices and prioritizing
671. days spent writing and planning and figuring out what the heck a query letter even is
671. goals and plans and seventh-draft manuscripts (more detailed post coming next week) 
672. reading lots of YA and being able to call it "research"
673. handing in all my major papers for this semester!
674. peanut butter+banana on toast (my favourite breakfast right now)
675. double dates and late, late night spent talking

I'm sorry I vanished from this blog for three months with no warning! It's been a busy season (and with the grey Winter skies, I haven't had a lot of motivation) ... but things are changing and I'm back here again, and hoping to stay. Forgive me for my long absence?

What makes you happy in these almost-spring days?



  1. Oh, yes to morning sunshine, and good food, and shopping with sisters, and YA, and getting things done. I always enjoy reading these happy lists, Olivia, and welcome back!! It's nice to hear from you! :)

    1. Hey Jessica!! It's so good to be back! :) There have been lots of happy things going on this month!

  2. Spring days truly overflow my cup. I don't know how a simple season could make me so happy.

    Glad you're back! =)

    1. I hear you, Meaghan!! Spring is the most surprising and longed-for season, I think!

  3. Welcome back to the blogging world! I just took a several-month-long break too. :) This is a very happy list--sounds like you are pleasantly busy!

    1. Thanks, Serena! I'm happy to be back! Sometimes a break is needed ... I hope you enjoyed yours!

  4. Hey you! Hopefully your now enjoying your spring break! Those no sugar brownies seen like they'd be a lifesaver! Glad you've come back to your space.

    1. Thanks Vanessa! I am enjoying the break! <3 and the brownies are KILLER - give them a try! <3


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