Saturday, January 21, 2017

things that make me happy // 573-592

573. the mist that has settled over our city, like living in the middle of a cloud (or maybe a small town in Britain!)
574. trees as they rise up out of the fog when you drive down the country roads
575. how everything feels unusually poignant and serene, rich and heavy with meaning, even though I drive the same streets every day. it feels more mysterious these days.
576. walking in the rain
577. finally starting to grasp the scientific concepts from my astronomy lectures
578. coffee cake
579. teaching first aid courses for the first time in months
580. trying key lime pie for the first time ever
581. getting caught up with all of my favourite bloggers 
582. bookstores. I tried to buy a friend a birthday gift and ended up also buying a book for myself. oops.
583. the faintly rebellious act of underlining my favourite passages in books 
584. talking about God with people. asking questions. figuring things out. realizing that I'm never going to figure everything out. talking about it more.
585. learning to love my dreams
586. playing board games late at night with some of my favourite people
587. ice skating
588. snow in my eyelashes
589. seeing the city lights from the top of our town hall after dark
590. planning for my spring break trip
591. getting lost in uni buildings I thought I knew like the back of my hand
592. looking at the silhouette of bare tree branches against the sky

what makes you happy these days?


  1. Snow in your eyelashes, bookstores, and coffee cake, oh and key lime pie. These lists make me happy. There is something really awesome about reading the things that make others content. I loved this.

    1. Vanessa, I really like it too! There's nothing like chatting about happy things with others to boost your mood :)

  2. Things that make me happy:
    1. You
    2. Reading your lists

  3. Things that make me happy? The very, very early, first signs of Spring. We still have five inches of snow out there, but today the sun was shining, it wasn't as cold, and the birds were singing like Spring was really here (birds that have already come back after being gone - robins and red-winged blackbirds). It refreshed my soul. I think making a list like this is a really good idea :)

    1. Ohhh wow that sounds lovely!! We had a warm snap here too, but it snowed again this morning... I'd forgotten it was only January!! Sigh. ;)

  4. How beautiful is it that you have a blog full of almost 600 things to be happy about. Like, that's a lot of happy things.

    Bookshops and fog and coffee cake and talking about God. Yaaaas.

    (btw I have your blog bookmarked on my bookmarks bar so I can click on it like all the time okaybye)

    1. It is a lot of happy things, isn't it?? Sometimes I just type the numbers without thinking about them... thanks for the reminder. :)

      (btw have I told you that you are awesome and you make me way happy and this is too cool wow thanks friend)

  5. I underlined a line in a book ("Don't Waste Your Life," John Piper) this week for the first time EVER in all my eighteen years of living. Yes, it felt rebellious, and kind of disrespectful (lol I'm weird about my books)--but it was also gloriously freeing! I found your blog from Aimee's January post and I'm glad ;)



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