Saturday, May 14, 2016

the editing journey // seventh day

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I have not lifted a finger to do any work on Skylar's book since May 1st.
I have not cracked my notebook open to review my editing notes.
I have not pictured new scenes or imagined dialogue in my head.
I have not even thought about what it will be like to start writing again. (at least, not very much. I'd be lying if I said it never crossed my mind.)

Does that surprise you? (it kind of surprises me!) I finished up my preliminary edits right at the end of April, and then I launched myself into a three-week break; no writing, no editing, no thinking about Skylar or Mike or Anastasia or Cam. I wanted to pour other people's words into my heart and over my skin and fill my brain to bursting! that when I sat down to tell Skylar's story again, the words would gush out, instead of me wiggling my fingers and not being able to stimulate anything more exciting than a trickle.

I don't remember where I heard it, but when I was writing my first novel I know someone told me that the best way to beat "writer's block" isn't to push on through. Sometimes, what your brain really needs is a break, especially if you're doing NaNoWriMo! Take a few hours, or a day, or even a week and actively read other people's writing. Find new books in all kinds of genres! Read poetry! Catch up on your bloglovin feed! I definitely get to a place where I've written myself out - like I have a certain number of words inside of me, and when they're gone, they're gone. I have to refuel and put more words inside of me before I can keep writing.

So that's how I've been spending my time so far! I've been reading mainstream teen fiction (Apple and Rain), Christian suspense (Dee Henderson), Chicken Soup (for the Writer's Soul) and a book by Mother Teresa (Where There Is Love, There Is God). Quite a variety, but I've been having fun.

(for those of you who are wondering, I have slightly less than a week to go! I will start re-writing on Thursday, May 19th!) WISH ME LUCK. Whereabouts are you in your current writing projects? What do you read to replenish the word library in your brain?

with buckets of love to all,


  1. Good luck! I always try to break for at least a day between drafts (depending on their length). I'm in the midst of first-drafting right now, which is both fun and stressful. Reading helps me recharge, and so does watching TV, listening to music, or just thinking about the story. I tend to break from writing pretty frequently (usually one day per week), too. If I don't recharge regularly, I can't get anything done.
    Once again, good luck on your edits! Editing is tough, but also so much fun; it's when you really get to see the story coming together. :)

    1. Oh! I forgot to include watching TV! I went and saw Captain America: Civil War with my brother in theaters, and the big screen and the colour and the characters faces up close broke my heart and inspired me in a thousand different ways. There's something about a good movie...
      Good luck to you too!!

  2. Having a break is always good! I always need breaks otherwise I lose my mind. It isn't pretty. GOOD LUCK REWRITING!!!! I'm dying to read this literary genius.
    I'm currently working on rewriting a TON. And I haven't even finished my first draft. I just decided that I didn't like my ending, so it had to be changed haha. Yaaaaay writers life.

    1. I constantly lose my mind while writing! Sometimes I wonder if I actually had anything inside my head to begin with!! Gah! :p good luck with your rewriting too! Let me know how it goes!

  3. Have fun! Editing is a special kind of fun. I can't wait to start editing my novel as soon as I get home for the summer. By the way, I wanted to let you know that I tagged you in my latest blog post : )

    1. Editing IS fun, Susanna! I have to remind myself of that sometimes... lol! ;) and thanks for the tag! I can't wait to do it!! :D

  4. Ah, I love that rest period. I'll be there soon... *dies*

  5. Haha, Olivia, you rock. I still can barely believe you took my inexperienced little snippet of advice but it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. :). And you have good self control, girl! To make the choice to wait three weeks and stick with it, that takes persistence!

    Ugh, can we not even talk about the bone-dry state of my writing?

    I wish you loads and loads of luck this Thursday and for all the editing days to come!

    1. Thanks, Danielle!! It has actually been such a relaxing time, and I'm so glad you suggested it! Best of luck with your writing, too!! I hope England inspires you!

  6. GOOD FOR YOU. That's such great advice. Maybe I should take that to heart sometimes... *grimace* ;)

    1. THANK YOU. I'm nervous that when I go back to it, I'll be out of touch with the story!! I guess we'll find out... (?)

  7. Why

    I've missed you and your blog and I'm super sorry for my disappearance. :( FORGIVE ME, FRIEND.

    1. WHAT/

      Major freakout happening in Canada atm

      So glad you're back :)

  8. BEST OF LUCK WITH THE REWRITING! Editing is a huge undertaking, but also hugely rewarding. Been learning this hard, haha. I agree, it's definitely good to give yourself a break sometimes; I've come to look at it as part of respecting yourself as a writer-- "you're a person, not a word machine". I think awesome things will come out of your writing break, Olivia. You're a gifted writer, chica.

    1. THANKS, KATIE <3 <3 Love this: "you're a person, not a word machine" Your comments always boost me up :) so thanks for that.


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