Monday, April 18, 2016

things that make me happy // 527-545

527. flying on airplanes
528. visiting Jordan
529. seeing Jerusalem and climbing mountains in Israel 
530. coming home
531. working my last Thursday shift!! 
532. when my manager brings donuts to work
533. the blatant compliments kids give when you least expect it
534. making pancakes and then watching the Bourne movies with friends after church 
535. the way my hair smells after a shower
536. warmer weather!
537. hanging out with high school students now that I'm no longer one of them
538. learning that I want to want what God wants for my life, instead of wanting what He wants to align with what I already want for my life
539. blissfully confusing sentences
540. Chicago mix popcorn
541. hanging out at the youth pastor's house with my small group girls
542. wearing a dress to church
543. biking to work instead of being forced to take the bus
544. reading outside after dinner because even though it was snowing eight days ago, it's warm enough for shorts now #canada
545. playing catch with my brother

final few shots of my favourite hotel in Jerusalem

look at the view...

Does anyone else feel like it's been absolutely years since it was Spring?? I missed it. Is it warm enough for shorts where you are?



  1. It's 25 degrees here in Calgary, sunny and breezy, trees flowering already. How is it only April???

    1. I know!! I am loving this weather! It's cooler today here in Ontario, and rainy, but I still took my dog for a long walk this morning without feeling cold, which is the most freeing feeling ever!!

  2. It's very warm where I live, and I'm starting to see pots of flowers on peoples' stoops, which is wonderful. You're right, it seems like AGES since last spring. Kids' compliments are the best. :)

    1. Ahhh!! That sounds lovely! We're not at the flowery point yet here, but now I'm looking forward to it!

  3. These posts just make me so, so happy. It's really warm where I live! We're getting 80 degree days this week!!

    1. GRACE, you make me so, so happy!! And goodness sakes, 80 degree days?! My heart. We're still stuck in the low-mid 70s (between 10-20 degrees Celsius) but IT'S COMING, I know it.

  4. First, I must say, these photos are breathtaking. You must have had the best trip! I am so behind; I need to catch up. Soon and very soon! :) Also, #534: making pancakes and then watching the Bourne movies with friends after church. That sounds like a blast! Sundays are the best; you just never know what could happen after church. My Sundays, too, are always very relaxing and full of wonderful little moments. Loved this. And I agree; it's been too long since Spring! It's officially shorts weather and nice and warm here, too :)

    1. ERIN THANK YOU. My trip was truly amazing!! And girl I know how you feel, sometimes I remember that I have a blog and I'm like, meep. Help me somebody, I don't know what to do with it! :p

      Immediately after I posted this, Canada got cold again, so for now I'm remembering our one warm weekend and waiting for summer :p

  5. Oooh, good things to list, Olivia. :)

    It was warm enough for shorts during some of the days last week (80 degrees) but now it's gotten rainy. It's okay though. Rainy days are on my list of things that make me happy.

    1. It's been rainy here too, Danielle! I feel ya. They're making me happy too.... but sometimes I feel like I just want a little bit of sunshine, too. :p


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