Monday, February 9, 2015

things that make me happy // 333-351

photos taken by Hannah
333. driving in the snow with my sister
334. visiting friends I haven't seen in a while
335. our neighbour's new puppy! he brought the little guy over during dinner to say hello and we ALL. DIED. (okay mostly just me.)
336. coming home from school on friday with no homework and three beautiful books to read
337. exams being done!!
338. treading water while teaching lessons at the pool
339. writing poetry
340. coffee/hot chocolate
341. buying summer dresses at the thrift store
342. finding 'new comment' notifications in my email when I wake up in the morning 
343. this song by Christina Perri. and this one, too. 
344. putting my hair up in a successful bun, first try
345. being ahead of schedule in the morning (I am extremely not a morning person, so getting up and dressed and ready for school on time is currently the struggle of my LIFE.)
346. the way the air sparkles when the sun shines through a snowfall
347. the way Toby tries to bite the vacuum cleaner whenever we turn it on
348. polka dotted headbands
349. being warm
350. the fact that I can stand in the shower at the pool for as long as I want without anyone telling me not to use all the hot water
351. singing in the car

what makes you happy this month? let's chat.



  1. 344 definitely makes my day a little better x

    1. For sure, Amelia!! :) (had to scroll back up and check what 344 was, haha!!)

  2. Love these listsss! "the fact that I can stand in the shower at the pool for as long as I want without anyone telling me not to use all the hot water" < STORY OF MY LIFE. xD I always get blamed for "taking all the hot water". That's really cool that you teach swimming lessons at a pool, that sound like it would be loads of fun! Oh, and I tagged you in my last blog post!

    1. haha kate you feel me!!! and yes my job is pretty awesome...most of the time. :p It has its moments.

      Thanks so much for tagging me! I'm so excited about it! :)

  3. Ahhh, you teach swim lessons? I miss the pool so much it's INSANE. Oh. Hello there, Olivia! Sorry for the outburst. I'm Beezee. (: And I love your blog! I've been currently sort of stalking all the blogs that my sister reads (Katie the Goodness Revolt-er) because heck y'all must be complete rockstars! And you are. I relate so much to the above list of loves and I too, love the way the sun sparkles through the snow. So lovely. Though snow is in a bit of an over-abundant state here currently. Haha. Ha. And it makes me crave warm summer days and baking in the sunshine and swimming! And you can put your hair up in a successful bun? TEACH ME YOUR WAYS. I can also relate so much to the shower thing. Me and Katie both get accused of that quite often. I'm now following you and looking forward to reading more of your lovely words!
    love, beezee


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