Saturday, November 8, 2014

things that make me happy // 287- 302

287. rainy afternoons
288. face-to-face skype chats with friends far away
289. cranberry-coloured leg warmers
290. new shoes (heels! my first pair of heels!)
291. ideas for new post collabs. (remember this?) 
292. asian food for lunch 
293. thrift stores and finding comfy clothes in the men's section
294. writing more refrigerator poetry at Brooke's condo. I definitely need to get me some word magnets.
295. leftover halloween chocolate
296. peppermint tea. literally the best thing ever
297. rolo hot chocolate (sensing a theme here?)
298. this song that just makes me happy every time I hear it. 
299. my bed because wow sometimes I'm like, forget the world I just need blankets
300. the fact that Christmas break is a little under 7 weeks away
301. random texts about attractive garbage collectors from one of my besties
302. looking back at old posts and thinking, some of those were pretty cool!

what makes you happy? excited for November, or wishing it was still summer? I'm caught in between...



  1. Oh, all those things sound lovely. And you write good fridge magnet poetry! Hmm, things that make me happy? Ice skating with friends, pumpkin cheesecake, omelets on Saturday mornings, waking up slow (again on Saturday mornings), and going to sleep to the sound of rain.

    1. I like your list, too! And thanks, I loooooove fridge poetry. Like I literally stand there and push magnets around with my pointer finger until I'm happy. It's the most calming thing ever.

  2. Such happy things <3 Eeeep thanks for the reminder that Christmas break is coming!
    Things that make me happy today: church, cute babies at church, apple fritters, funny youtube videos, roast chicken, cozy books.

    1. Christmas break I KNOW RIGHT. Hurry up already. :p
      love your list!! and babies. girl sometimes I just want babies.


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