Thursday, October 30, 2014

dear you.

dear you.
you are beautiful.

I know you haven't heard that much lately, but it's true. I know you think that you're the exception to the rule, that in this moment, "you" means everyone else, so stop.
it is true.
You are beautiful not because of what you look like or who you are, but simply because you are.
Look at you, getting up every morning and breathing and smiling, even though sometimes it feels like more of a snarl.
Look at you surviving.
Look at you.

dear soldier,

I know you've never seen the front lines, but you carry wounds deep inside that no doctor or stethoscope can see, because broken hearts still beat. I don't know why. But I know you awake some mornings with a throbbing chest that cries out in time to the pulse that never changes, never skips a beat even though the rest of you fell out of sync a long time ago.
I know you don't understand how a pain so real doesn't show, how you can be doubting the very threads that hold you together, and even your best friends don't notice.

Strong one, this is a battle  you will win. You thought you were better than this, and you are.
Just because you recognize the mocking voice in your head, just because the insults ringing in your ears are your own, this does not mean you are weak.
it means you're human. keep fighting.

dear midnight crier,

it's been scientifically proven that those tears are a good thing. Chin up, friend; you're not the first to cry muffled sobs in the dark, and you won't be the last.
You're okay, okay? You are.
Go ahead and be sad. Feel those feelings.
Someone once said that
to be felt.
and it's true. feel that pain.
and then dry your eyes and go to sleep, because things may not be any better in the morning, but it will be brighter, and sometimes that has to be good enough.

dear you.

So, you're a little messed up. Congratulations on being human. we all are, you know.

dear you. dear beautiful, human you.

You're doing just fine.

and I like the person you are becoming.

(bits and pieces from a "poem" I wrote a few months ago. also, pretty sure it was John Green who said that pain demands to be felt. Just so I'm not stealing his words, although I'd love to!! He said some amazing things. #tFioSfeelz)



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