Friday, September 5, 2014

things that make me happy // 254-272

254. yellow flowers
255. passing my G2 test!!!! finally!!! :)
256. having the same English teacher as last year (writing warmups, guysssss)
257. seeing lots of familiar faces at school
258.  getting compliments on an outfit I was really excited to wear
259. thunderstorms when I'm in a classroom with big windows
260.  having a spare period so I can go for walks or shopping in the middle of the afternoon (we have a little mall right next to my school)
261. lunch dates with friends
262. visiting Mackenzie again last week and having an absolute blast
263. going canoeing and having Divergent faction photoshoots and watching movies together
264. making tons of new best friends while I was there, and being unofficially "adopted" into their family
265. when people offer me gum. I'm legit like, "I love you let's be besties forever"
266. new shoes
267. how happy my puppy gets when I walk in the door
268. starting work at an indoor pool tomorrow morning!! I get to teach swimming lessons, guys!
269. my new blue whistle, which is technically not new because I got it in June, but I've never used it so it's still exciting.
270. homemade pizza
271. big long emails
272. you! leave me a comment and tell me what makes your life wonderful!!



  1. Ohhhh I love these collections of happy things. They make *me* happy reading about them.

    1. I'm so glad you like them! !! They're super fun to write, too. >:

  2. I know! I like getting to hear what makes you happy. :)

    Things that make me happy?
    Lexical gaps
    Discovering good books
    Reading on roadtrips
    Cooking with my mom
    and new notebooks


    1. These are things that make me happy, too! :) Except I'm totally confused...what are lexical gaps???


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