Thursday, August 14, 2014

things that make me happy // 237-253

237. red dresses
238. drinking hot chocolate in the pool staff room on rainy days, curled up in sweatpants and my guard shirt
239. buying shoes on sale for $7
240. thunderstorms and torrential downpours when I'm safe inside
241. chilling at Brooke's cottage with old friends and a couple new ones, too
242. getting letters in the mail
243. writing poetry and emailing it out to my besties at midnight
244. bowling with my pool staff and just laughing so much...because we all suck at 10 pin bowling, guys.
245. going to see Kenzie in 11 days!!
246. the way my puppy curls up in the very corner of the couch, where all the pillows are
247. drawing tattoos on Hannah with pen
248. cold summers. I'm wearing sweatpants and a long sleeve shirt in the middle of AUGUST, guys, it's wonderful
249. "this is the most wonderful thing that's happened to me ALL DAY"
250. "...and we will ALL. DIE."
251. motorboats and the wind in my face
252. Calvin and Hobbes comicbooks
253. my last year of high school


  1. I love this and we should talk soon. Because that was so fun when we fangirled about Pegasus that time.

    1. Ack you are so right!!! email me girl! let's talk. :D

  2. Lists! I love summer lists. (: It's been FREEZING here too...I'm like..c'mon, it's August! Dang. xD But like you described, rainy days, and just curling up inside with a good book or a cup of's so magical. I love it.


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