Monday, July 14, 2014

some nights (poem)

 Here is the promised poem! I wrote this last month and I'm kind of still in love with it. You know when you write something and you're just like, that was nice. I like that.
I still feel like that about this piece. It's supposed to be spoken, not read, but I'm not tech savvy and don't know how to record things, so you'll have to settle. Sorryyyy...


Some nights...
your heart
hangs heavy in my chest, and I cave with the weight
forehead pressed to the ground, because
who would have known that feeling
could hurt
No one told me
that the consequence for caring
was cracks
a splintering silence that split
my chest
in two.
Too late someone warned me
that being careful burns
just as bad, sometimes worse
and putting distance between us
would only widen the hurt. 
I always knew that playing with fire
would burn me,
but didn't realize that watching your life
go up in flames
would be like holding a lit match to my own.

Some nights...
when the sun sinks, shimmering
like a ball of gold
when barefeet and birdsong fill the evening
and my eyes with tears,
I can't breathe past the knots you tied in my chest.
They say everyone is connected,
two loves, one soul
a red thread slipping and stretching until you stand
chest-to-chest, one pulse 
one breath
but you stole mine, and I have nothing left,
our cords hopelessly tangled
a bad subplot not worth fixing;
I cry out every time you move
and the knots tighten inside my scraped-raw ribcage.

Some nights...
I think life is a maze
with no beginning or end, just dead ends
and you and I are caught in the middle,
arguing over choices that will only bring us full circle.
a 360 spin through hell and high temper, 
and nothing to show for it but another set of footprints.
No one told me that empty tracks
were like ghosts from the past, that
never stop following you.
Sometimes I think I was better off alone.
Then I was just as lost, 
but I was only one person who needed to be found
instead of two.
Because that's how love works.
It hurts, and it holds.
and if I ever find a way out, I won't take it
unless you do.

I hope you liked it. Contrary to the general mood of the poem, I'm actually not depressed!! Nor is this based on actual life, just in case you were worried. 
talk to me, friends.



  1. Bravo, Olivia! This poem is brilliance! Um, I'm going to read it again now so bye.

    1. meep!! I'm so glad you liked it!! it's one of my favourites. :)

  2. Beautiful poem is beautiful.

    1. Lovely blogger is lovely!! thanks, Danielle. ;)

  3. i absolutely love it! great work!!

    1. thanks for commenting, Julia!! glad you liked it! :p


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