Friday, February 21, 2014

awkward and awesome


-working out in the weight room at school when it's clogged with an almost-exclusively male class...all these guys are lifting 50lb+ weights, and you and your partner are like, "I can bench-press the 45lb bar...with no weight added..."

-people liking to stand in front of your locker, and you always having to be like "excuse me, pardon me, PLEASE MOVE."

-sick people at work who cough a lot while they're standing close to you, so you try to simultaneously be involved in their conversation and not breathe.

-being so tired/deep in thought that when someone talks to you, you flinch and look at them like they slapped you in the face.

-small talk.

-going from fitness class to math in 10 minutes and therefore always looking like a sweaty tomato when you sit down

-having to wade through ankle deep water on your way down the street in the morning, because it's been so warm lately and all the snow's been melting.

-people finding out that you were homeschooled, and then asking the dreaded question... "so, did you have, like, friends? Ever? You know what those are, right?"(exaggeration, but only slightly.)

my three most recent journals


-having a desk partner who brings cookies to class

-beautiful sunrises and icicle-caked tree branches

-going out for coffee before youth group, and remembering HOW GOOD it is to be with old friends again

-riding the bus. I don't even know why, but I just love the bus.


-Downton Abbey! (just finished season 4, spoil away.) (just kidding, please don't. that's not cool.)

-the guy who sits in front of you in math letting you put your feet on the back half of his chair. for the whole class.

-starting a new journal! (it's turquoise and has a clasp. A CLASP.)

-going to see Mackenzie over March Break!

I've been realizing lately just how many awkward and awesome things happen in my life (although I totally blanked when I tried to write this post.) What weird and wonderful happenings have you endured this past week?

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