Wednesday, December 18, 2013

as Christmas approaches...

Why hello there!

I kind of broke my own rules again. Oopsie. I promise I have a good reason this time! I had homework...and Christmas plans to co-ordinate...and Driver's Ed...and stuff. Yeah.

Anyways. I'm not just here to rant about how horrible I am at posting steadily (although I'm tempted!!) I'm just here so you don't all forget about me. And to just offhandedly mention that school's done tomorrow (!!!!) and I'm going up to my friends' cottage for a day or so and I'm ridiculously excited for that. I'm hoping to post a bit over Christmas break and catch you all up on life lately (because I've been learning TONS!)

But I can't just leave you without a proper post, it just isn't right! So I'm going to leave you a link to a post I wrote LAST year around this time. I was feeling the same way then as I am now, and I remember explaining it at least somewhat well. Which, as I'm sure you know, is very rare for me. ☺ So rather than attempt to explain the same thing twice, I'll just leave you with the original.

Seriously, though...I hope you all have a wonderful - peaceful - preparation for Christmas this year!

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