Sunday, September 1, 2013

things that make me happy // 82-100

82. watching movies with my family
83. jean jackets
84. the [few] trees that have red leaves
85. long talks with friends outside on the grass, while the sun sets behind us...
86. seeing Cody so interested in reading
87. maxi skirts
88. being able to do my job without asking for advice every time I get back to the front desk
89. my new combination lock
90. writing fanfiction

91. the kittens that live in my aunt's garage
92. housesitting
93. picking strawberries
94. little changes - like having our living room painted a different colour
95. the smell of fall (even though it hasn't shown up yet, I've been anticipating it... I love fall.)
96. school. this also makes me scared, but right now I'm not afraid. Just excited.
97. teaaaa. I've been drinking so much of it even in the summer, and now that it's going to get cold I can have even more.
98. even numbers
99. not having math until second semester!
100. friends' birthdays

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  1. Hey just reminding you that I need your address so I can send you the copy of the Grace Unplugged soundtrack you won :)


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