Monday, August 19, 2013

music festival (2013 edition)

btw, guys, I'm back! Hi! how're you? I've had an absolutely crazy week and a, it feels like I've been gone a month instead of only six or seven days.

(excuse me if this post feels a wee bit sporadic, I'm baking peanut butter cookies in between sentences. Or maybe I'm typing sentences in between baking cookies. I'll let you decide.)

most of the pictures this week were taken by Brooke, although Tiana and I did snap a few.
as a result, I'm not sure which pictures belong to who...but just warning you,
most of them aren't mine. It was just such a good time! Tiana and I have been doing this since 2010, and this year we brought Brooke (who plays drums, guys. she's pretty cool.) along with us. my sister Hannah also came with her friend Eden, and Cody brought along his trumpet for the first time ever. So we had quite a crowd at lunchtime...☺we'd take the bus down to the park and eat, and I thought I wouldn't like it being so different from just the two of us, Tiana and me. But it was awesome having a little crowd of us [plus a few brass players from Cody's class] with our food heaped high on a picnic table.
So that was cool. one of my favourite parts is just strolling through the halls and saying hi to people, so I did that a lot too. I just get so happy, guys, and I just kind of tend to explode sometimes and do the puppy-dog thing where I verbally jump all over people. or I want to, at least. Most of the time I'm pretty good at containing myself.
But there were a couple times when I skipped down an empty hallway. or two.

the harbour! isn't it pretty? I love this town.

there is nothing so satisfying as giving the waves a good hard kick as they crash against
the shore. although it does start to hurt a bit after the twelfth time.

We did a lot of walking this year...along the beach several times, through town (I never get tired of looking at the old-fashioned storefronts, lined up on both sides of Main Street like they have been since the 1800s.) and when we walked, we took most of our pictures. which is why there aren't any pictures of us playing music or anything, because we were too busy trying to keep up with the conductor to do anything else.
and besides, I didn't want to lug my camera around all day.
and Brooke's iPhone (which took most of our pictures, because I'm lazy and barely took my camera anywhere) was with Brooke, who was doing her percussion in a separate class. Where she was also paying attention and not taking pictures.
so. you'll have to be content with the beach. but it's a very beautiful beach, so you don't mind, do you?

Brooke drew an awesomely large dove in the sand, mostly with her feet. because she's super artsy and is going to be
famous someday. for her photographs. and paintings. remember this?

Every Monday during the summer is the Monday Market, which just-so-happens to be held in the park where we have our lunch. In the past three years, Tiana and I kept forgetting money and so, sadly, we couldn't buy anything...but this year we came prepared! Anyways, since I don't have any pictures of the actual market, I'll make a long story short and just tell you that we found two pretty awesome maxi skirts. Mine's the blue and white one, and she got hot pink...they're so flowy and they have big chunky belts attached, so that was an awesome bonus. I'm kind of in love with mine. ♥ Brooke didn't want one, or we could have been triplets...but she did find a few pieces of jewelry at another stall, so we all came away happy.

 Well. there's a lot more I could say (like how we were trying to figure out the name of one of the guys who plays trumpet [think our age and cute] and when we did we may have kind of blurted it out super loud without realizing that he was sitting three feet away, or how we stayed up until midnight most nights talking, and then died when we had to drag ourselves out of bed the next morning, or how we went out for dinner one night and Tiana tried mushy peas and liked I discovered that I actually have a bucket list, our awesome conductor picking a Lion King medley for us to play in the concert, the three of us going for an almost-midnight swim in the backyard pool...)

...geesh. So much was such a good week. One of the bestest weeks ever. but this post is already super long, and I don't want to make anyone fall asleep, so I'm going to end it here...

do you have anything super-fun planned for your last few weeks of summer?



    btw this is my favourite post
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    1. Brooke actually took most of these, but thank you!

  3. Wow, that sounds like a ton of fun. Was it a week-long music camp this music festival thing?

    1. It was lots of fun! I was thinking that this might be my last year...but I've changed my mind and I really hope we can all make it down again in 2014. :) And yes! The camp/festival was a week long.

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    1. Thanks!! I wore mine to church this morning. :3


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