Monday, June 3, 2013

things that make me happy // 32-48

32. the scent of summer in the air
33. splashing in the pool with my sibs
34. FINALLY almost done with grade 10
35. being asked to help lead the day camp songs at church this summer
36. after almost four months of searching...I found a dress!
37. passing my G-1 test first try (I've been keeping it somewhat of a secret so I could surprise my grandparents by driving up to their house allllll by myself, but as of this weekend I've surprised there's no need to be all secretive anymore.)
38. my official driver's licence coming in the mail...and actually liking the picture on it
39. picnics
40. practicing first aid with my NLS people
41. ice cream
42. Downton Abbey. geesh, I love that show.
43. winning soccer games
44. that sound the soccer ball makes when it connects with the sweet spot on your foot...
45. curly hair
46. red sweaters
47. spending a day and a half with extended family - some of the coolest people I know
48. re-naming my blog: I'll be officially changing the name from "epiphanies" to "the cwtch." I promise I'll explain everything on Wednesday with a nice long post...I just wanted to let everyone know a couple days in advance so people wouldn't freak out when epiphanies vanished. The location will be changing, too; after Wednesday, you'll be able to reach my blog by following this link. (


  1. I'm new to your blog. Cute dress! And congrats on your driver's license.

    1. Thanks! Also, it's great to meet you! :) I'm so happy you left a comment, I love hearing from new people. (I'd offer you an official welcome, but since I'm about to change the name of my blog I'm not sure whether I should say "welcome to Epiphanies" or "welcome to the cwtch." I can't wait until Wednesday...:P)

    2. I love meeting new bloggers too. Just wanted to tell you that all book-related posts are welcome on my Sharing Our Bookshelves link-up, old or current. I'll be looking forward to your new blog changes!


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