Friday, April 5, 2013

a Christmas present (and some really tall buildings)

So, I really love tall buildings.

And Toronto has tons of them, so I was happy. I looked like a complete tourist, neck craned to look at the sky, fumbling with my camera straps so I could snatch a few pictures as we wove our way through downtown, trying to stay on time...but you know, that's okay.

Actually, this post has very little to do with tall buildings. Or Toronto, although it was super-awesome to see the CN tower in person. (I just posted the pictures because I couldn't take many pictures of the concert - the real reason I was wandering around Toronto with my face turned to the clouds. And hey, skyscrapers are basically the coolest things ever.)

But the buildings weren't what made last night so special. It was the concert - a Christmas present from my grandparents - that was really amazing. Some of you might remember that music review I wrote several months ago, about a Canadian group I'd fallen in love with - the Tenors. (yes, I know. Not the kind of music you'd expect someone my age to enjoy. Listen to a few of their songs before you judge me. ☺) Those four guys that I wrote a review about? I listened to them sing in concert last night.

I It was gorgeous.

photo credit to my sister Hannah
(this is Roy Thompson Hall, where the concert took place)
photo credit - Hannah 
photo credit - Hannah
 They sang "Bring Him Home" from les Mis, Bob Dylan's "Forever Young," and "Amazing Grace," to name just a few - Clifton made everyone laugh with his imitation of Her Majesty the Queen, and Victor explained that his four year-old son had decided to be a "superhero tenor who plays soccer" when he grew up. It was just really a fantastic night.

(and there were tall buildings. ♥ So that was a bonus.)

I had something else to say but completely forgot what it was.
The fact that we didn't get home until 2am might have
something to do with my current loss of memory. Bedtime?





  1. Toronto looks like an awesome city! Your concert sounds so fun...and I looked up The Tenors and am listening to them now. Lovely! I love this kind of music.

    1. It was pretty cool to see; I don't think I've ever walked around Toronto before. I wouldn't want to live there...but it was fun to visit. :)

      (yes! Another Tenors fan! *hifives*)

  2. Hi Olivia - Your mom mentioned your blog post to me so I thought I'd check it out. It sounds like your Tenors concert was as great as the one we went to here in Kingston although your venue was MUCH more beautiful. We are big Tenors fans too. We have listened to the "Perfect Gift" CD for the last couple of years at Christmastime and now we have the "Lead With Your Heart" CD -- but Jonathan is still more used to "Perfect Gift," so if we ask which Tenors CD he wants us to put on, he will say "Hallelujah Tenors." :-) So we are pretty much listening to that one year-round. I enjoy how the Tenors incorporate so many different musical styles -- there really is something for everyone.

    Well, bye for now and keep writing!

    Jeannie Prinsen


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