Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Two Roads [pt. II]

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Well, it's been a month since the contest opened, since I clicked "submit entry" and sent a piece of myself through the Internet to be examined and judged by strangers. It's strange to admit, but I didn't really think about my novel that much during the month of pitch-judging. I moved on, although saying so just feels wrong, maybe because the fact that I was able to move on insinuates that I wasn't impacted, that this book didn't change my life like it did.
Anyways. All that to say...I wasn't nervous or excited for today, the day we found out who made the cut and who didn't. Half the time I thought I was sure to pass, half the time I knew I wouldn't, and as though the two differing opinions cancelled each other out, oftentimes I felt nothing at all.
But when I opened the page and there were the categories, names of the lucky authors just one click away -- in those five seconds waiting for the browser to load, a month's worth of excitement and self-doubt and assurance came rushing through, and my heart beat a rat-a-tat-tat against my ribcage. Palms sweaty, I opened the PDF and scrolled through the L-M-N section, looking for the O's where my first name would be. And there, right beside Nicole T, was the name P Sarro.
There were no O's at all.
(and I'm not going to pretend that I didn't think it was a mistake...that I didn't scroll through the T section, and the G section, just in case it'd been a fluke and I'd entered under one of my parents' names.)
But it wasn't a mistake. Olivia Smit -- Two Roads didn't make it to round 2.
I always expected the result to be accompanied with either screams of joy or sobs of anguish (or denial, or anger, or depression,) but once I'd assured myself that it wasn't a mistake, I simply put the computer to sleep and went to brush my teeth. No tears, no screams or joy; I didn't even feel upset.
How that works I'll never know.
So. Here we are. I've got a couple options now...I could shelve the manuscript for a while [or forever, although I don't really want to do that] or look into publishing, either traditionally or through a site like CreateSpace. In the meantime, I'm already 4,000 words into my next book, so that should keep me busy for a while. I'm planning to do some thinking [and praying] about Two Roads, but since I'm not ready to make any big decisions at the moment, I think it's high time I started something new.
Just before I end this post, I've got one last thing to say. There have been so many people besides myself who made this book possible, and I want to extend a big thank-you to everyone who read/critiqued/fangirled/ranted about Two Roads [you know who you are]. Your input and love has been so valuable to me and helped me to believe in myself and in my writing, and I honestly can't thank you enough.
It's been quite the journey...anyone want to do it all again with this new manuscript? ☺



  1. Sorry you didn't make it, Livvy. This is a big accomplishment anyway you slice it, though. Finishing a manuscript, and then submitting it to a contest, that takes guts.

    Keep up the good work! I'm interested to know if you end up going with CreateSpace. It's something I'm considering doing as well.


    1. Thanks, Reagan. :) I'll let you know when/if I go with CreateSpace (and if you get there before I do, drop me a line and let me know how it goes?)

  2. AHHHHHH the judges are stupid.

    Anyways, your book is still one of my very favourites. And I'm so glad you had the strength to even finish a book. Heaven knows if I could ever do that.

    1. I seriously doubt that, but thanks for making me smile. :P

      And, Brooke? Thanks. :) For everything - putting up with rants and crazy author moments and for your kind words, because they honestly mean so much to me.


  3. The judges are just lost a few screws! It's not possible to even tiny bit dislike your writing!

    But through life stuff like that is going to happen(sadly). And you know that there's only one thing to do; keep writing. Because what I've found out in soccer and basketball: there's no such thing as too much fun. :D

    your cousin:

    1. Awww, thanks. <3 Both for the advice and the [undeserved] compliment. :) Your support means a lot to me, Lyss.

  4. Sorry to hear about the contest, Olivia. though i don't know what your book is about, i feel that any book successfully completed by a very literate person must have something to recommend it. I've seen plenty of crappy books hit the library shelves and you wonder how they managed to get a publisher. Don't give up. Advice from some one who's written a book (though never had the courage to submit it): write like crazy, your work will improve with experience; keep all your writing, you'll see how much better you've become when you compare present to past; lastly never see a book as finished with out laying it aside for a month or so once first draft is over, you can only see errors by taking a step back and withdrawing yourself from your work (if you can do that you, in my opinion, will have a truly polished master piece).
    sorry for the long spiel. hope you don't mind. i couldn't help it. Advice is my thing even if it is sometimes misguided.
    your fellow English student,

    1. Harmony! :D It's so great to hear from you! *is super pleased to get a comment from an AEC person* Thanks for the advice; I've been writing for a while and I've given/been given those same wise words before.

      And also - I'm always up for a long rant of any kind. :P So this was right my my alley.


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