Monday, December 17, 2012

tonight (and a few Christmas tunes)

Tonight I sat beside a roaring fire, empty stockings swinging above.
Tonight I drank tea and watched Frosty the Snowman with my siblings.
Tonight I was inspired and started tentative work on a Christmas book (we'll see how long this lasts...just a short burst of story, or something more permanent?)

Tonight felt like Christmas.

(in keeping with the spirit of things, I thought I'd post several of my very favourite Christmas songs, because that bombarding of music that I promised back in November never really happened.

Also, I have a question. Why do we save the very best music for only once a year?)


Merry Christmas, readers! ♥


  1. :) Sounds like you enjoyed yourself!! All I did was run around the house with two pillows up my shirt and wearing a paper-cut moustache and beard. Being chased by a person with a nerf gun and I was acting like Santa Clause and for some crazy reason, I was being chased by a cop.:P It was (i sound silly saying this) but awesome. :) Oh, yeah, I had two 'elves' with me. Named Elfis Presley and Efles Prizley. It was awesome. :P


    1. That does sound awesome! Hope you caught some of it on camera!

    2. Mom took some pics!! I will so show you them when you're here. :)


  2. Love the first song. So great.


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