Monday, December 24, 2012

snow for Christmas eve

Our first real snow - that stayed on the ground and didn't melt - fell from the skies on December 21. Friday morning I woke up to light snowflakes that clung to the grass and the trees and the fence like icing sugar.

(this one's probably my favourite picture of the whole lot.)

It snowed all day and stayed on the ground, and there were very happy people that day.

At this very moment, I'm...

...sitting beside a lit Christmas tree
...reading Prince Caspian. (well, technically, I'm writing a blog post. But as soon as I finish I'm going to begin chapter 9.)
...anticipating tomorrow (isn't everyone?)
...listening to this song


  1. not only you but here too! yay!


  2. It is always fun to have snow on Christmas (or around Christmas). Beautiful pictures!


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