Monday, December 10, 2012

Lead With Your Heart // music review

So, I've never tried a music review before...this should be fun. You may recognize several of the songs...I'm kind of a huge fan of this group and I've shared some of their music before. (my grandparents correctly assumed that our family wouldn't mind an early Christmas gift -- guess which CD they brought with them when they came to visit?)


They might not be the style of music that you'd expect to find on my iPod (and yeah, most of my friends poke fun at me for liking them. Except Tiana. Hi, Tiana. I was thinking of you when I wrote this) but I do.
And so, I present you with my review of just a few songs featured on this beautiful album.
If you lead/Lead with your heart
It's the one thing you can trust/To always come from love

This song is just incredible. One of my favourites on the album, it speaks of being strong enough to lead with something bigger than yourself: love. Love will guide you like a northern star, giving you strength to put one foot in front of another. Letting you lead - with your heart.
(by the're going to want to click that link. Geez Louise, can those guys sing..!)

Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word
What do I have to do to make you love me
What do I have to do to make you care

What a title. Long, much? Sheesh. Anyways, this song is originally by Elton John. I'm sorry to say that I am not a fan of this one very much at all. I find it depressing, and I thought the combination between words and music seemed a little forced at times.
 World Stand Still
You make the world stand still/I keep spinning around
Until you slow me down

This song...I just adore it. It's so free and joyful and exhilarating - when I listen to it sung, I picture the singer standing in a meadow with arms outstretched, a big smile on his or her face. It's the kind of song that just begs to be belted out at top volume. SO MUCH HAPPINESS.
Anchor Me
When sadness crashes like an ocean/When fear is deeper than the sea
When I am swallowed by the darkness/Will you come and anchor me
Sort of a cross between old gospel songs and poetry put to music, this is the kind of music that makes you want to move. Swaying back and forth or conducting an invisible band (come on, I'm not the only one...) or something, I guess. I just can't get over the gorgeous imagery of the words. I can't wait to learn it by heart.
Amazing Grace
Amazing Grace/How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
I have nothing to say about this song, except that a violin solo+four tenors+Natalie Grant = why is this so beautiful?
May you build a ladder/To the sky
Climb on every rung/And may you stay
Forever young
This song rivals "Lead w/your heart" for number one. The vocals are stunning, the words are so sincere and rich and - please excuse me for just a minute while I go sing along to my iPod and pretend that no one can hear me.
Seriously, though. You're going to want to click that link as well and have a listen for yourself. I've run out of words.
Lullaby (The Smile Upon Your Face)
The sun has gone to bed my love/It's time to do the same
Just listen to the moon's serenade/He's calling out your name
It opens with a trumpet. Pure golden tones float softly through the air and come down to rest like autumn leaves...
...and then begin the voices.
This reminds me of the I-see-the-moon lullaby that my mom used to sing when I was younger (and her mother sang to her when she was a child)
It's just...beautiful. The perfect way to finish off the album (and this review, as well.)



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