Friday, November 16, 2012

dreams come true

Everyone has dreams when they're younger ... a lot of us want to be firemen, doctors, or one of those people who works at a drive-thru at a fast food place. And when you're younger, there's always a distinct possibility that those dreams will come true.

And then when you get a bit older, you come to a place where it's time to choose. You can't be a fireman and a doctor, and have a night job behind the counter at a restaurant. There are choices to be made...there are some dreams that you can take along with you, and some have to be left behind.

It's kind of a scary place to be. Life is so full of possibilities, but there are only 24 hours in a day, and the reality is that you just can't do everything.

((this is kind of where I feel like I am right now...realizing that there are some important choices coming up in the next few years. My future isn't my future's rapidly becoming my present. Which is cool, but kind of scary, too.))

This whole dream-thought-thing is kind of random, I guess, but I've got a good reason for posting. ;-) These ideas were sort of realized when one of my childhood dreams came true a few weeks ago.

When I was younger (for as long as I can remember) I've wanted to be able to ride a horse. I mean, I could get on and use my reins about as well as any beginner, but I didn't really know how to ride, and I never had the chance to.

I'd kind of let that dream slide -- I live in the middle of the city, and after all, riding lessons are expensive.

And then we got the email. Some farm not too far from my house was offering lessons to homeschooled students - at a really good price. Suddenly my dream was a dream again; and it was one that came true.

Which is crazy, but it did. And guys, I'm taking riding lessons. Who would have thought?

my younger sister (left) and myself (right) during lessons


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