Thursday, October 25, 2012

dear Olivia // don't forget

[October 2012]

Dear Olivia,

Don't forget.

Don't try to live in the past, because life doesn't go backwards, but don't forget, either.

Don't forget the writing. Don't forget how good it feels to outline and plot and craft the story into a book. And if you run out of time for writing, let something else slide and MAKE time, because it's too important to drop.

photo credit goes to my friend Brooke

Don't forget Skype chats late into the night and laughing video-calls and talking face-to-face with friends from far away.

Don't forget to drink tea, and take pictures, and put your feet up on the desk once in a while. Don't forget to sit on the backyard swing; to relax and read a book even though there are a thousand other things to do.

Don't forget the smell of potato soup, or the feel of a baby hand, or lazy Sunday mornings at home.
And don't be afraid. Change is constant and natural and unavoidable and you can choose to fight it or to embrace it. (I strongly suggest the latter.) Have fun with it! Let it sweep you off your feet and dazzle you, but in the midst of it all hang on to the things that are really important.
And remember this: you miss 100% of the chances you don't take.

So don't hang on to me; I wasn't meant to be your Tomorrow, only your Yesterday.
|You can hold on to the past
But you can't make it last
Step foot into tomorrow
Because yesterday isn't home


  1. This is beautiful. <3 And it reminds me that we must Skype sometime soon! I miss you so, so much, and am working on a response to your lovely letter right now! =D
    Ever yours in prayer and heart, sending you my love,
    ~ Mai

    1. Thank you! :D I'm glad you like it; I'm rather fond of it myself.

      And yes, Skype MUST happen soon. <3

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. I just can't believe the way you write... It's so AMAZING!!!!

    1. You're so sweet...thank you so much for your encouragement. :) It means a lot to me.

  3. So wise! Always good to slow down and count blessings, even the miniscule ones. Sometimes it's too easy to get swept on by life's swift current, but good to remember to stop, dwell, and linger in the moments often. Love reading your thoughts!

    1. Agreed. :) Even though I don't know what this is here: <3



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