Thursday, October 4, 2012

autumn walk

A girl and her dog went for a walk this afternoon. They crunched their way through crisp leaves lying in the gutters and marveled at the brilliant colours hanging in mid-air.

The leaves of the trees where they lived were shedding their summer playsuits and slipping on their autumn evening gowns in preperation for the Waltz - the slow dance from treetops to cool ground.
And as they walked - the girl and her dog - they passed two little girls in rubber boots, with their blue jeans scrunched up around their knees. Deep rivulets of water were cascading down their driveway and they were stomping and running and splashing and whirling and squealing "I'm WET!" Their breathless giggles filled the air and the girl and dog wondered when they'd stopped marveling at beautiful things like this?
Only a few houses down, where the ocean of water became a stream in the gutter, another little girl ran down the sidewalk. "Can I do it here, Mommy?" The girl and her dog stopped and watched as the child stopped a safe distance away from the rushing water and let go of the leaf she'd been clutching. Instead of dropping straight down, the wind tossed the leaf back into her face, so she picked it up and moved a step closer.
And closer.
And she was about to reach down and place the leaf on the surface of the water when the wind tugged it in just the right direction and suddenly it wasn't a leaf anymore, but a boat.
And the child just squealed with glee and clapped her hands and the girl and dog kept walking and wondering and loving all of it.


And as they got closer to home the girl plucked a dangling leaf out of her dog's beard and lifted her face to the setting sun and thought that maybe Autumn was her most favourite season of all...


  1. What a amazing story. :) All story's have morals. . . .

    1. Thank you. :) It was a beautiful walk.

    2. i love to pay attention to my surroundings when i am on a walk. like seeing all the people walking around. and the dogs getting a walk.(i've always liked that one, becasue i like to guess what kind they are), the little babies getting pushed in their strollers, and the young kids playing in the leaves, giggling. what a wonderful world we are in. and we should thank the Creator EVERY day. i mean, if not, what's thanksgiving?

  2. Sometimes I need to just stop and look around, seeing all the details that I would miss otherwise. :)


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