Monday, May 14, 2018

things that make me happy // 676-696

676. watching gilmore girls when it's raining
677. Starbucks all day, every day
678. going out for dinner before youth with my small group
679. sunshine and playing volleyball in the park after work
680. wearing dresses on warm spring days
681. when my pupper gets a haircut
682. playing ball under the streetlights at youth
683. making dinner - especially if it includes shrimp and asparagus (but you'll already know this if you're following me on instagram)
684. driving fast down long country roads
685. long walks on warm mornings (wearing a DRESS FINALLY)
686. walking the same route I used to take home from high school and remembering what it was like to be in grade 11
687. reminiscing (what is it about spring that makes me so nostalgic?)
688. friendly starbucks baristas (I basically live here now)
689. birthdays (I'm finally 21!!!)
690. when my boyfriend takes pictures of me and I actually like some of them (a rare but very fun occurrence)
691. experimenting with the spices in my biscuit recipe and having it WORK when I totally thought I'd ruined them
692. writing query letters (even though it's terrifying)
693. coffee shop dates+city explorations
694. weekend retreats with our Jr. High group!
695. early morning devotions before breakfast in the chapel
696. jumping up and down with the grade 6 girls during worship

What's on your happy list this month? Do tell!



  1. •Having a day off work and sleeping in a bit
    •seeing the blooms on the trees and ground
    •having a nice cool treat on a warm day
    •also,can't WAIT for more thunderstorms!☺️��

    1. sleeping in and thundstorms are also two of my favourite things!! And I LOVE the pink trees that have in bloom here lately!! <3 <3

  2. + orchard trees blooming
    + the petals falling to the ground & creating a carpet of white
    + cookie dough
    + writing long letters by hand
    + buying scarves at a thrift store
    + & going to Germany!

    1. this is a great list!!! When are you going to Germany? that sounds so great! <3

    2. June 6! I'm really excited! I'm going to be volunteering at a bed & breakfast for 2 1/2 months ^_^ (Also, I'm going to keep a blog while I'm there. It's at if you want to follow along.)


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